Stress response in Chinese Medicine


I’m frakking spent from this past week! Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Japan… plus finals in my own little world. As humans aware of the world around us, learning bits and pieces of ominous news can zap our nervous systems (even those of us who play it cool). One of my Chinese Medicine professors, Dr. Guohui Liu, gave advice for taking care of ourselves at this time. Stress (and also radiation) according to Chinese Medicine are very “hot” and can “burn up” our source Qi, or Pre-Natal Essence. Recommended therapy? Sleep a lot! Also, if you’re feeling low-energy, have some ginseng. It may sound simplistic but this is a very powerful combination.

These together (extra/appropriate sleep and adaptogenic ginseng) will allow your body’s natural protective mechanisms to kick into full gear. There is a point at which supplementation becomes a lost cause since our bodies can only metabolize things at a certain rate. So, I’m not planning on taking any nascent iodine anytime soon (although I have it on hand in case of major explosions in Japan), and instead am making sure to sleep in on the weekends! A green smoothie and some ginseng tea in the morning finish my de-stress routine.

I think it’s really important to be aware and informed of what’s going on in the world around us. This doesn’t imply paranoia or hysteria; we can all follow events with a level head in order to have the ability to prepare ourselves in the case we need to take some kind of action here at home. But it can be difficult to keep perspective, to constantly check facts (where are they?), and to continue our daily lives as usual in a grounded way. Soo, remember to sleep in order to allow greater health and clear mind! Take some cues from members of the planet that know the importance of sleep:


TED talk about our natural sleep cycles:


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