Autonomy and Acupuncture

Click here to Support Protester Defense for Portland’s Occupy Wall Street

Acupuncture is low-cost, easily mobile, practical as a medicine to be used in the “field,” and it provides many ways for patients to use self-care to improve their lives without relying exclusively on pharmaceuticals. These reasons pushed me to enter this field (rather than allopathic medicine), and they reflect my deeply held belief that humans have a right to health and the right to live in a healthy environment. We have a right to self-determination via accurate representation, and through this avenue we should have control over our own health, as well as a say in our communities’ health. In my opinion, the way that capitalism has been practiced in our country has severely impinged on our inherent rights to health and a healthy environment.

In my opinion, the Occupy Wall Street protests happening in New York City and across the United States reflect the deep discontent regarding our basic access to our rights of health, a living wage, and a clean environment. US Citizens have been struggling for a decade to gain affordable health care, to enact environmental change, and to pull ourselves out of a recession which was caused in large part by corporations with no accountability to the citizenry. I fully support the nonviolent actions of these protesters, and I hope that you will take some time to consider donating to the legal defense fund for those putting their bodies on the line.

This is just one example of the injustices that protesters have already encountered:

Transgender ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protester Segregated, Humiliated by NYPD During Arrest, Detention.

Alpine Blanket Flower "I am safe and secure to heal"


4 responses to “Autonomy and Acupuncture

  1. Thanks for posting this article Beth

  2. I stumbled across this while researching online ways to do almost exactly what it seems you have already done. I’m a recently licensed acupuncturist in California, wanting to travel and work in community clinics abroad, mostly in south east Asia, and then take that experience and come back here to open a clinic. I would love to chat with you sometime and pick your brain about your experiences, if you have the time and inclination.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I would be happy to answer questions and learn more about your exciting plan! You can email me (email found at my gravatar link) and I’ll see if I can help in any way. I hope more people can do this kind of thing- I found that it completely gave me a different sense of how acupuncture can and should be practiced in the US (from a business/structural standpoint). I look forward to hearing from you!


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