Bangkok and Portland, sitting in a tree. Twelve reasons for looove.

As we all do when traveling, I play the game of, hey this is like Portland except… Or this is like Italy except… and my mind tries to fit what I’m perceiving in Bangkok into a conceptual box that I have already created. Over the past two weeks I have been noticing these patterns more and more, and would like to post them here to cleanse my palate of them forever. Here are 12 things that are interesting or annoying or excellent about Portland that are reflected here, and vice versa. For your miscellanious pleasure.

1. Bike Show- a tiny one. There is a very small subculture of bike fanatics here.

Thai hipsters at the BKK bike show

suspenders and all

2. Coffee shops everywhere…


even the King and Queen of Thailand sponsor a coffee shop here

Royal Project Coffee Shop

Name of another coffee shop/cafe, in a cute reading corner above Siam Square...

3. More bike love, probably from Brooklynites living here

There are a tiny amount of bikers in BKK- I

4. Vigilance re: dog body functions

5. Green Roofage:

6. Vintage-y (night) market:

Volkswagens all over, in mint condition!

Party Van! This is a mobile bar created with a VW van. Sorry for poor picture quality

Puppeteering meets vintage, hello!

These images are all from the Railway Market, which sets up at night on weekends in the old rail yard. A band plays here too, and its music filtered across the calm, happy railyard market scene.

7. Neo-Victorian Fashion

turn of century fashion? 20s? Zelda Fitzgerald?

8. Hello Kitty (ok that’s a trend everywhere, for the past 50 years.)

9. Japanese food obsession!

Amazing Izakaya restaurant:

Spam Musubi: home-cookin style!

spam in a bath of teriyaki and steak sauce

special spices

snapped up before I could capture their full glory

10. Glorious (if smoggy) sunsets

11. Public transit that is useful yet underutilized

skytrain downtown: the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS)

a nice cold ride

12. Fresh fresh food and street carts

Jackfruit easily accessible in the city!

Fruits at the gigantic fresh market near Jatujak

Miang Kham, the fresh components of the Thai Flavor Bite

Flavor bite in full glory

Making fresh Som Tam, aka Green Papaya Salad

Som Tam to go, in all its garlicky goodness

I could add a hundred more photos about food!


2 responses to “Bangkok and Portland, sitting in a tree. Twelve reasons for looove.

  1. This very much makes me smile. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Beth!

  2. Thank you Jessica! I hope to catch up with you in person soon 🙂

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