Food As Medicine

I’m happy to present a modest and evolving compilation of recipes that can be used to regulate the body when it’s out of balance. After all, the highest form of medicine is prevention, using positive lifestyle and food habits!

They are also delicious (to me).

Please feel free to comment on recipes that you have used, nutrition tips that have worked for you, and anything else related to preventive medicine in the yummy edible form!

Thank you!


2 responses to “Food As Medicine

  1. I love congee! Do you just use a pressure cooker on the rice until it’s a mash? How do you incorporate the mushrooms? Or, do you use a blender?

    • Hi Abigail,
      I just updated the recipe, so hopefully your questions have been answered (I was waiting to pick Tim’s brain 🙂
      I think a pressure cooker would be a great, but towards the end it’s good to add a bit more water and make smaller adjustments in stages.. I’m sure you could plan it out though. There is no need to use a blender after the initial breaking-up of the rice, unless you prefer a very smooth consistency! I have actually used dehydrated instant-congee powders from Thailand which were pretty satisfying when fresh ginger and shallots were added, and that was definitely a uniform mash. Amazing how satisfying a simple mash can be when you’re sick.
      By the way, congratulations on your exciting website and videos! I look forward to learning more delicious, seasonal recipes @ Eating With Abs 🙂 Fun stuff!!!

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